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#1: MGMaps backup / restore on Nokia N95 Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:23 pm
This is maybe more a Nokia question than one about MGMaps, but they're tied together somewhat.

I had everything running well on my Nokia, and wanted to install more maps. First step was to get a 2-gig memory card.

Today I did a full backup of my phone using Nokia PC Suite, then turned the phone off and switched to the new memory card. I then connected the phone to the computer and restored all files for the memory card.

When I got done, 'MGMaps' was no longer there - only what looked like the original phone applications showed up. All my other applications that I installed were also missing. Strangely, a few of my latest photos also seemed to be missing.

I'm guessing that Nokia's PC Suite somehow messed up, or it's only designed to bring back "official" installations.

My next step is probably to remove the 1-gig card from the phone, and using my card reader and PC Suite and/or Windows, try to make a copy of *everything* on the card. I would then again use Windows to re-copy to my 2-gig card.

Before I do this, can anyone offer any advice? Are applications such as MGMaps on a memory card somehow linked to the phone in some other way?

#2:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 11:25 pm
I guess I should add that I'm using a Nokia n95, a cable connection, the latest version of both PC Suite and MGMaps, and using Windows XP on the computer.

There were no error messages - the computer seemed to think that everything was done properly. Apparently not though, unless I'm missing something....

#3:  Author: Cristian Streng PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:10 pm
A phone backup saves the phone memory, not the memory card.

#4:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:33 pm
Actually, if you use PC Suite, it allows the user to select what he wants to back up. One of the options is "memory card". That's what I selected.

The backup/restore process seems to have brought back all the original Nokia applications (I really need to check this to be sure). It did not bring back any of "my" applications (GMail, MGMaps, Google Maps, some games, etc.).

I think anyone using PCSuite to upgrade their 1-gig card to something larger will lose a lot of their applications. What's relevant here, is they will lose all their MGMaps files.

My newest test (running right now) is to use a program called "Recovery Manager V1.5" from VAIOSoft Inc. It is supposed to be able to duplicate memory cards. So, my first test will be to "duplicate" a card I don't really need. If that seems to work, I'll remove the 1-gig card from my phone and put it in the card reader, trying to "duplicate" it. I'm hoping that it will make an exact copy of what I had before, but with lots of free space left over.

(I've been around computers since the 1970's, and I've learned never to trust them. Lots of programs claim to do things like "backups", and people run them all the time, happy to know their data is "safe". I've learned to test this out, and make sure they're really doing what they claim to be doing. Better to find out early, in a test, then when you lose your data and find your "backup" isn't.....)

#5:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:46 pm
Good news, and other problems. Using the disk duplication method, I got everything copied - photos, applications, and so on. Everything that was missing when I tried this with PC Suite came through. So much for using PC Suite for my "backup" of memory cards...

On the other hand, I have the same problem as before - MGMaps did get copied over, but when I "click" on it, nothing happens. This will be the third time I'll have to re-install it over itself.

I did try to highlight it, then click "options", and then "open", but nothing happened.


I just re-installed the program, and it's working again.

#6:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:57 pm
Well, maybe all is not well even though I got my files back.

When I let the phone scan my memory card, I see the following:

1618 megs Memory in use
311 megs Free memory
0 b Calendar
0 b Contacts
9017 k essages
100 megs Images
275 megs Sound Files
57 megs Video clips
85 b Documents
937 k MIDP apps

I guess my idea of duplicating a 1-gig card onto a 2-gig card isn't so good. Let me try something else....

#7:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:52 pm
Durn. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't even be messing with this stuff. I used the utility to "backup" my 1-gig card, and it all worked fine.

I went to format the card in the phone, but it said "card in use, format anyway?" I didn't, and tried to let the above mentioned program in my computer format it, which didn't work anyway - at the end, it said "format failed". So I put the card back in the phone, and tried again - this time it first said "card corrupted, format?" and I did. It did. Finally.

Put the card back in the card reader and attempted to restore from my backup. The program ran for about half a second and ended. Something's wrong with this program, or me.

Put the card back in the phone and after it again told me the card was corrupted, I formatted it once more.

Now, I went to my computer, created an empty directory, and using Windows, copied everything from the 1-gig card to this folder.

I then put in the supposedly formatted 2-gig card, but Windows said there were still files on it. Strange. I deleted them, then copied the files onto the 2-gig card. Presumably at this point, the card should "know" it's still a 2-gig card, and have all my files

Did that - all the applications show up, and the phone sees the card as a 2-gig card, with 1228 megs free space. Yummy!!!

Of course, MGMaps doesn't work again, since I copied over the version that doesn't work. That tells me two things - that I need to download the program again, and it will once more work on my phone, but more importantly, that "something" has changed in the program stored on my 1-gig memory card. Cristian, if you want me to somehow send you that file, so you can tell what "broke" inside of it, just tell me how to do so.

#8:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:58 pm
I should summarize the above.

1 - PC Suite can do a backup of phone and memory card, but the backup may not be any good. When I restored to the card using PC Suite, some files were missing. Either PC Suite has a problem, or the computer I was using has a problem.

2 - the "Recovery Manager V1.5" can duplicate a card, but if the source card is 1-gig, and the target card is 2-gig, you end up with a 2-gig card that behaves like a 1-gig card. Not too useful.

3 - Nokia's "format" when done on the phone doesn't really do a very good job of formatting a 2-gig card. It left files on the finished card, or at least directories, that I had to remove manually.

4 - Good old "copy" and "paste" from Windows does all this quite well, with no unexpected errors or problems. It's probably a good idea to put the same name on the card that it used to have, in my case "Memory card".

5 - MGMaps for Nokia n95 has some kind of bug that causes it to stop working a few days after installation.

#9:  Author: mikemyersLocation: Miami PostPosted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:01 am
I guess I should post this update.

Upgrading the firmware to version 20 solved ALL my problems with MGMaps stopping working unexpectedly. On both of my n95 phones, until I did this, I could install the program, and it would stop working within a day or so maximum. With the newest firmware, no more problems.

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