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#1: A wish list of ideas... Author: Rover PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:50 pm
Hi Cristian,
I have been playing around with 1.42.02 a and I am continuously amazed at what a fine program it is! I am still learning to use all of its functions – I just tried out the GMaps-Track tonight and am very pleased with its ease of use! Having said that, I have also been playing with TB… which is a great program itself, and has some nice features, but I found it to be cumbersome and non-intuitive. I eventually got the altas thing working, but all in all, it was not very user friendly nor was it want I wanted in ease and speed of zoom level change.

After some playing around, I have come up with a wish list (below) and was curious what is in store for future releases and what the interest level of other users is for these ideas and others.

Thanks for all of your fantastic work! Keep up the great job!
MGMaps ideas

sending current gps location to chosen contact/group
- ideal if there were 2 or more <configurable/selectable> "ready to send" message/title options
such as "<preconfigured name> <preconfigured text>"
ie "<preconfigured name> needs your help" or
"<preconfigured name> is ok here"
->can this be sent to a contact "group" ?

automatically (or multi number/letter push) save/add waypoints to kml file for trek mapping?
- could be triggered by <configurable> time/distance from last entry?
- names/points could be automatic time stamps? (no typing needed)
- use dots or balloons (limited KML object support)
- perhaps activated through multiple speed keys ie 999 or a twist on gmap-trek...
(a check box to automatically append to a local kml file instead of sending to the web?)

When exiting, have a choice to turn off bluetooth for power saving
- Ideally through a setup option (automatic)
- or via prompt on exit?
after all, a user is prompted to turn it on when the app starts..

proximity alert
- when within <preconfigured distance> of selected location, an alarm sounds, nice but not at that important

change the red arrow to a circle (maybe a "floating" dot on the circumference to show relative
direction to the map?)

change the BT staus icon to become the compass?

GMap-Track ideas

Add function(s)
to save points to KML file (can you use the url+&output=kml trick?)
to clear map of existing points
to show only current / recent points
to load previously saved KML file /points
confirmation of above choices?

On the private map
show multiple points (not just last one) even as dots or balloons to chart a path
configuration section
-preferred map type
-pre-set your "home" location/zoom ?
-update/refresh time for displaying new points?


MGMaps -> Suggest Features

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