Consider extending OpenStreetMaps to include their CycleMaps
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#1: Consider extending OpenStreetMaps to include their CycleMaps Author: dwhittallLocation: Cebu, Philippines PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:17 pm
Under 'Settings' -> 'Map Types' -> OpenStreetMaps

These are the Selections currently listed under OSM:-
OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)

Of these, OpenArialMap is not working!

" is currently offline and no longer serving imagery tiles".
Christopher Schmidt had a working prototype up and running at from Nov 2007, however from Dec 2008 onwards this has been offline and no longer serving imagery tiles.

Can I respectfully ask if can be added or replace maps from as these not available.

This gives Topographic Map with Contours @ 10m intervals, with the excellent 'OpenStreetMaps' Roads/Tracks shown.

Failing being able to select OSM CycleMap, I will try and find out how to transfer such OSM CycleMaps of Central Visayas area onto my Nokia N95 as 'Stored Maps'

David Whittall

OpenCycleMap_Central Cebu2.jpg
Here is one such view of the OpenCycleMap of Central Cebu, Philippines (where I live)
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OpenCycleMap_Central Cebu2.jpg

MGMaps -> Suggest Features

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