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#1: Sat maps Author: eddieprice PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:18 am
I have LG version 1.42.01 of MGMaps on a Samsung s5620 phone. I have downloaded Yahoo Road and Sat maps to a zoom factor of 17. I can view the road maps to the Z17, but when I try the sat maps at this zoom I get a warning message 'We're sorry, the data you have requested is unavailable. Please zoom out to see more map information or refresh your browser to try again' Why do I get this message? The sat maps at this zoom factor were downloaded.

The data is stored on a memory card, which is not full.

Hope you can give me a clue as to why you inserted this message. Is it something to do with the version of MGMaps that I have used?

MGMaps -> Stored Maps

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