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#1: China Sat/Map offset fix for offline map Author: bbatbayar PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:16 am

I just developed a software, which calibrates Sat and Map tiles.
I waited for a long time the Google fix the offset problem on MAP of China region, and decided to fix it my way for my own use. And here is the result.

Software has following restrictions:
- *.mgm files must be 1 tile per mgm file.
- You must have GoogleSat and GoogleMap tiles of same zoom in the MGMapsCache folder.

Using the soft is simple.
First, point to the MGMapsCache folder, which contains GoogleSat and GoogleMap folders, and select zoom from trackbar and click LOAD button.
Software loads and converts SAT files into JPEG, MAP files into PNG.
Now you select the comfortable SAT tile to calibrate (select reasonable point from the SAT tile, junction or statue or bridge etc) and pinpoint the calibration point.
Once you select the SAT tile, 3x3 MAP tile of the selected SAT tile will be displayed. You must pinpoint the calibration point on the MAP.
Offset section (lower-left corner) will display offset between SAT and MAP in pixel. Memorize the offsets.
Do not forget to click the OK buttons, otherwise calculation will not be accurate. OK button moves the SAT and MAP ticks.
Now put zeroes into SAT tick offset windows, and put the offsets you memorized into the MAP tick offset windows. Do not forget the OK buttons!
Now click on the CALIBRATE button and that is it. Software calibrates (moves MAP according to the offsets) and saves the tiles into *.mgm files.

I included source code, so other people use it and develop better application and SHARE!!!

Good luck, hope it helped you.

Sorry for my bad English, I'm having a pain in the ass to write it down, just like you having one while you reading it Very Happy

To Admin: I do not know if it is legal or not, so if it is illegal, delete my post.

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Source code DELPHI 2010

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#2: Re: China Sat/Map offset fix for offline map Author: bbatbayar PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:35 pm
Just arrived from Beijing today.
Before the trip I fixed the offline maps of the Beijing and copied to my phone. When I started the MGMaps in Beijing, I saw satellite and road maps overlay perfectly.
Now I can say I will navigate in China without problems Smile

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