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#1: Installation Instructions for MGMaps with stored maps Author: Cristian Streng PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:18 pm
I'm including below instructions for various phones that will help you install MGMaps with support for offline (stored) maps.

Download all referenced files and caching tools from
Check the tutorial at

  1. [link] gMapMaker - Map Tile Downloader for Windows, follow the link for usage instructions
  2. [link] Generic installation instructions and "manual" download using the MapTileCacher Perl script
  3. (new) [link] Quick tutorial for JBed on Windows Mobile
  4. [link] MapTileFE - Perl frontend for "batch" download of multiple zoom levels.
  5. [link] A nice detailed tutorial in French for offline/stored maps including personal maps created with MapCruncher.
  6. [link] Discussion about the online tool to select the maps for batch download (
  7. [link] Use MGMaps with your own maps created with Microsoft MapCruncher
  8. [link] Java tool to convert map tiles generated by MapCruncher to MGMaps format.
  9. [link] PHP scripts to convert map tiles generated by MapCruncher to MGMaps format.
  10. [link] Instructions for Nokia N95, using perl script (should apply to all Nokia S60 3rdEd phones) (NOTE: files linked there are not up-to-date)
  11. [link] Solution for Blackberry users to avoid file access confirmation messages.
  12. [link] Instructions for Motorola A1200
  13. [link] A few versions of JBed for Windows Mobile devices
  14. [link] Instructions for P550 MIO (should apply to all Windows Mobile 5.0 PDAs and smartphones)
  15. [link] Convert OziExplorer .map files to an MGMaps-compatible format
  16. [link] Update map cache format, convert single-tile files to multiple-tiles-per-file

Cristian Streng

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#2:  Author: Cristian Streng PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 1:26 pm
Instructions for Motorola A1200:

ericksoares wrote:
If you have Motorola A1200 and wants MGMaps running in Offline mode, try following these instructions, so you can have it working too !

1. Install the mgmaps JAR file into A1200 ( I used the Alpha2 version). You MUST install the app (the .jad or .jar) on memorycard not on the phone memory.
2. Run the application properly ( at this moment, I used GPRS connection to see my neighborhood maps and I saved as Startup point my home location where I created the maps to be used offline. So everytime the application startups it goes directly to the area where I have tiles stored in my memory card. If you don't do this it gets very hard to find the contents with no reference point to start from)
3. Exit the application
4. Copy the Cache folder , in my case MGMapsCache into your storage (memory card). In my case it is located in SD/Apps/MGMaps_GPS/MGMapsCache
5. Allow full permissions to the application and file system byu following the next steps
5.1 Plug the phone into the PC
5.2 Using windows explorer (USB Storage mode) navigate to \.system\java\DownloadApps\MIDletXXXX on your SD card where MIDletXXXX is the last directory in DownloadApps in alphabetic ascending order.
if you don't know which is your MGMaps, go inside each MIDletxxx folder and look for "mgmaps-alpha-signed.jar" inside /MIDletxxxx/Files/
5.3 Make a copy of the file registry.tx (in case you need to recover original file) and save in your PC
5.4 Edit the file registry.txt with a editor compatible with unix (I use Windows XP Wordpad). Do not use MS Word or Notepad! (Be sure the file has a line saying: Jar-URL: appname.jar - if not, you are in the wrong directory)
5.5 The registry file may be similar to the following lines:
Jar-Path: /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20037/Files/mgmaps-alpha-signed.jar
Perm-Path: /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20037/permfile.txt
Suite-Icon: /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20037/Files/suiteicon.png
DRM-Mode: Forbidden
Is-Trusted: 0
Description: Mobile GMaps
Domain: Untrusted
Mot-JavaVM-Heapsize: 17
Num-MIDlets: 1
MIDlet-1: MGMaps, /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20037/Files/MIDlet-1.png, com.mgmaps.ui.MGMaps
Prefer-Connection-Profile:TIM GPRS

5.6 Change the values to these ones
- DRM-Mode: Allowed
- Is-Trusted: 1
- Domain: Manufacturer

5.7 Copy the JAD file (mgmaps-alpha-signed.jad) into the same /MIDletxxxx/Files/ where you have it installed (by doing this you are adding the signature file to allow access to the stored maps. If you don't do this, it will not work at all!!! This is necessary because the original JAD file can't be used for installation, so this is the way to force using it)
5.8 Change the JAD information in the registry file as bellow
- Jad-Path: /mmc/mmca1/.system/java/DownloadApps/MIDlet20037/Files/mgmaps-alpha-signed.jad ->(use your MIDletxxx location!!)

5.9 Save the registry file in its original location (MIDlet folder) and disconnect from PC
5.10 Go to the apps icon in the A1200 main applications menu and hold the stylus until popup menu appears. Select Manage --> Permissions and confirm that all items are "Never ask".
5.11 Click OK (no need to change anything - that just forces new permissions to take effect)

6. Run MGMaps and go to Settings -> Map Browsing
7. In the menu, enable Stored Maps and enable Offline Mode
8. In the Storage Path item, add the path to the main folder where the Cache folder is saved. For example:
8.1 In my case, my cache folder is inside SD/Apps/MGMaps_GPS/MGMapsCache
9. Save those settings and restart the application

If you restart the application you will see the maps.

In my case, I saved my Cache maps at Zoom Level 12. So I used MGMaps and centered my startup point to Zoom level 12 and inside the area that I had the tiles for the offline maps. After enabling offline mode,it worked fine !

It is very nice to see it working !!! It took some days to investigate and find it all !

I hope it can help other people trying to use A1200. My version is A1200 with firmware 48P, but I believe since this is Java application it should be the same for any version.

Regards ,

Notes: I'm using the old v1 Perl Script to get the tiles. I didn't try yet using the v2. But I believe it should work like the same.

Sao Paulo - Brazil

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#3:  Author: Cristian Streng PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:01 am
Installation instructions for MGMaps with Stored Maps on Nokia N95, using perl scripts to download the tiles. The same steps should apply to Nokia E90 and (with minimal changes) to all Nokia Series60 3rd Edition phones.

Reef wrote:
I am the owner of a Nokia N95 and found these forums because I was excited about being able to store Google Maps in my phone.


To that end, here it is, follow the link to a freebie hosted web server for the output.

Please note that this is just my experience and specifically with the Nokia N95. I admit to not being authoritive on the application or script(s) and I have only owned the phone for a short time. I guess what I am saying is, don't ask me narly questions because I am unlikely to be able to answer them... Smile

Good luck, budding N95 users... Smile

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#4:  Author: Cristian Streng PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:08 am
Some notes for installation on a PDA P550 MIO, they should apply for any smartphone or PDA using Windows Mobile 5.0. See also for the setup instructions on Windows Mobile.

ganrang wrote:
This is what I did for the benefit of others using P550 MIO. This is a non-phone GPS PDA with Win Mobile 5. Not an attempt to replicate detailed instructions given elsewhere in this site but a brief to-do list.

0. Get the PDA. Laughing

1. Download and install J9 from IBM website after some complicated navigational gymnastics. You download 50MB but use only a fraction of it = the zip file that has the runtime bin,examples etc.

2. Download and install the patch that makes it work with JSR75. Without it there is no Browse button to select local cache directory and also no saving of settings.

3. Installed ActivePerl and Wget in computer not PDA!. Download perl scripts to cache map files locally using .map shortcuts posted by kind users. Then download the maps from Google maps (which is what i used).

4. Copy the MGMapsCache directory generated by the above download process - which should be in same dir. as the map files and pl files, to the PDA. Set this directory as the storage folder in Menu/Settings/Map Browsing setting. You can browse and point this folder.

4. Dont say yes to the question of 'establish connection to another computer' this prevents showing of coordinates in the map.

5. Scroll to the coordinates in the .map file. Select correct zoom levels as per map files.

6. Your map should show up! With GPS active it should be great though I am yet to try that as i am not in Bangalore which is the map i downloaded for testing. Need to download other areas. BTW during setup of GPS, the 'internal GPS' does not work, have to choose serial though the GPS is internal. Does not matter..

#5:  Author: Cristian Streng PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:45 am

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